Carpet Cleaning by MG Cleaning Co

Carpets are a big investment so it is important to look after them and have them professionally cleaned.

Having your carpets cleaned by MG Cleaning co will restore your carpets to their original colour and brightness, and in most cases there is no need to change or buy a new carpet for years.

How We Perform The Carpet Cleaning Process

MG Cleaning Co technicians operate a “Prochem Superior Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning System” which is one of the best machines within the carpet cleaning industry. The specially adapted vehicle houses a clean and waste tank, all chemicals, suction and vacuum hose. It boasts a 46hp petrol engine which produces exceptional heat, pressure and vacuum essential for its superb steam clean extraction. The only two pieces of equipment form the system to enter your property are a vacuum hose and chemical hose which a cleaning wand is attached to. It effortlessly eliminates all dirt and odours and it kills germs, bugs and dust mites. Dull flat carpet fibres will be plumped, and left smelling like new. Your carpets will be virtually dry before our technicians leave your property.

It is proven to be at least 20 times more powerful than other portable carpet cleaning competitors on the market, and delivers unrivalled results, making it the obvious choice for professionals.


MG Cleaning Co are happy to provide a free quotation for your carpet cleaning.
Please contact us for your individual quotation.

Why Choose Us?

Our technicians are fully qualified
Fast drying time ( 2-3 hours)
We use a powerful truck mounted system
NO harsh chemicals, NO chemical residues
We are available for domestics and commercial properties
Affordable and competitive prices
Safe for allergy and asthmatic suffers
We can offer an emergency “pump out” and extraction service due to flooding

Our technicians will carry out a full carpet inspection before cleaning commences
Advise on any stains that WILL NOT improve with the treatment and explain why
Hoover your carpets
Move and protect any furniture
Spot treat tough dirty marks, or other specific stains
Apply a specially formulated pre-carpet treatment solution
Spot treat tough dirty marks, or other specific stains
Apply a specially formulated pre-carpet treatment solution

“I was planning on replacing the carpet on our stairs until I spoke with Mg Cleaning who were confident all the carpet needed was a professional clean. I’m glad I listened to them. The carpet looks like new. Highly recommended!”

Mrs. C Richardson, Mere

“MG Cleaning always delivers a high standard which is the service that I am now used to from Mantas.”

Mr. J Clark, Gillingham

“The carpet cleaning service provided by MG Cleaning is absolutely brilliant and so convenient! The team moved all the furniture in my living room in order to clean the carpet which has come up wonderfully. Thank you Mg Cleaning!”

Mrs. T Alston, Sherborne